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Mayhem Festival -- Denver, CO -- July 8th, 2012

Well this day started out very shitty and threatened me not making this show; I was supposed to go with a couple of co-workers and one dude who I was told was in wheelchair, thus had handicap setting which was awesomely close to the stage

I arrive at our meeting place, wait 45 minutes, dick happens; turns out 2 of the group bailed and didn't consider contacting me about it; so I rush home to borrow a friends car to get to the venue; I make it, overpay for a GA ticket from a scalper and get inside

The rest of the night went great; I meet some old friends there who in turn had friends there whom had extra tickets to the middle seating section; SWEET so I go from being bailed on, overpaying for GA to an update to awesome center seating

Anyway as far as the show I had plans to see Anthrax on the second stage but it was a clusterfuck to get there and poorly planned so I stayed at the main stage. I saw The Devil Wears Prada; I never never listened to them before and I really didn't give a fuck about them, they sounded ok...I am assuming the setlist is the same as the tour so far; 7/10

1) Born To Lose
2) Outnumbered
3) Constance
4) Dead Throne
5) Assistance To The Regional Manager
6) Vengeance
7) Mammoth

Next was Motorhead when my friends and I got the upgraded seats; I was looking forward to these guys because back in February when Gignatour came to Denver, Lemmy got sick and had to cancel and it sucked; Motorhead simply kicked ass and took names; I got a sweet ass Motorhead shirt and I hope they come back for a headling tour I will make sure to see them again- 9/10

1) Bomber
2) Damage Case
3) I Know How To Die
4) Over The Top
5) Stay Clean
6) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
7) Going To Brazil
8) *Drum Solo*
9) Killed By Death
10) Ace Of Spades
11) Overkill

Slayer the main band I came to see, was the best hands down. They started around 8 and just tore through the set; Tom only spoke before War Ensemble to thank us for coming and if we were ready for fucking war, as well as a quick speech about freedom before Mandatory Suicide. I was happy to finally hear Mandatory Suicide and Hell Awaits in a live setting plus Seasons is my favorite song and in imo should be a setlist staple. Slayer were at the top of their game, the only complaint was Kerry had some sound issues at the start, but overall Slayer kicked ass and was the highlight for me. Now Slayer needs to get on their own headline tour dammit 10/10

1) Disciple
2) War Ensemble
3) Die by the Sword
4) Hate Worldwide
5) Mandatory Suicide
6) Altar of Sacrifice
7) Jesus Saves
8) Seasons in the Abyss
9) Hell Awaits
10) Dead Skin Mask
11) Angel of Death
12) South of Heaven
13) Raining Blood

Now, Slayer may of owned the night but Slipknot was a lot of fun. This was my first time seeing them, and it won't be the last. Because Slipknot is more well known among the public the energy in the venue was massive and I was singing along to their set than Slayer, I think it is just the nature of being on the radio/TV more. Corey did say before surfacing that this was only the beginning, which I assume means Slipknot is planning a new album and/or more touring; either way I'll see them again. 9.5/10

1) 742617000027
2) (sic)
3) Eyeless
4) Sulfur
5) Wait And Bleed
6) Before I Forget
7) Disasterpiece
8) Gently
9) Vermillion
10) The Heretic Anthem
11) Psychosocial
12) Duality
13) Spit It Out
14) People=Shit
15) Surfacing

Overall it was a well run show and if 2013 has some great bands on it I'll come back to Mayhem
07/02-Guns N Roses

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