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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I mostly agree with this, but there's a couple things I'll point out.

Molotov Solution is still together, and they're on tour with Impending Doom right now. They're still a generic deathcore band! See here:

I think All Shall Perish is still a deathcore band. They're last album was more of a return to deathcore actually, while retaining the metal tinge they were known for since the second album.

So, in the end there are still a few bands (like you mentioned, I Declare War) that haven't fallen or changed styles, but the genre as a whole is definitely on it's last leg now. It has been declining since 2009 and at this point is almost non-existent in it original form.
Thanks. Yeah, as much as I like Deathcore, Treg is still the expert on it. I guess ASP is still Deathcore... whatever. They're still decent.
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