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Tesla -- Hampton Beach, NH -- July 5th, 2012

Another show at the Casino Ballroom on another lovely summer evening. Sorry for the late review, I've been busy as hell lately.

Once again, traffic was brutal going north on 95 from Mass into NH, so I missed the opening band for the 2nd time in a row. Didn't feel so bad this time because I'd seen them before (a band by the name of Mass).

2nd time seeing Tesla in 2 years at the same venue. These guys were lumped in with all the shit from the mid-late 80s & it couldn't be further from the truth. Tesla was, is & will always be a kick ass rock & roll band & their concerts prove that. An hour and a half of great tunes & oh so sweet Gibson/Marshall guitar tone.

Setlist is as follows....
1. Cumin' Atcha Live
2. Edison's Medicine
3. Gettin' Better
4. Signs
5. Song & Emotion
6. I Wanna Live
7. Breakin' Free
8. Hang Tough
9. Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
10. Mama's Fool
11. Love Song
12. What You Give
13. Into The Now
14. Modern Day Cowboy
15. Little Suzi

Even though Jeff Keith sounds like Eric Cartman on vocals these days, I have a blast whenever I see Tesla. Highly recommend seeing them. I know they're opening for the Scorpions on the rest of their US tour.
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