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Coven -- Oakland, CA -- July 7th, 2012

I arrived after Witchaven had already finished up, and got to the venue during Hatchet's first song. Honestly, I spent most of this show hanging out and socializing with friends rather than paying attention to sets. I did however go crazy during Coven, their set was fantastic. Their new singer is doing an awesome job, and the songs still sound heavy as hell. The band performed almost all of Blessed is the Black, which I thought was a really cool idea on their part.

1. Succubus
2. Fuckin' A Nun
3. Blessed Is The Black
4. 6669
5. Burn The Cross
6. Out Of The Grave
7. Rock This Church
8. Iron Dick
9. The Monger
10. McDonaldland Massacre
11. Creature Of Duty (And My Duty Is Death)
12. Too Late To Pray
13. Satanic As Hell
14. Ted Bundy
15. Silent Night (Violent Night)

I did my interview with Hatchet during A Band of Orcs' set, but what I heard after the interview was over didn't really impress me. It was like watching a less musically talented and unfunny version of Gwar. Afterwards the Hatchet dudes and I met up at a friend's place in the east bay and kicked back for the rest of the night. Witchaven later joined us (they were crashing at this house while they were here) and we ended up watching Family Guy and making fun of infomercials for the rest of the night. This was a real fun Saturday overall!

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