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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Are you shitting me? Eleven songs only?!?!? Why did they decide to drop "Disciple" in favor of "World Painted Blood"?!?!? "Disciple" sounded great this time around compared to the last time I heard it at mayhem fest in 2009, especially with Gary Holt filling in and blowing me away with his skillful picking. I hope this is a typo because that would really suck if they decided to take out "Jesus Saves" for your show, as it was easily the highlight of the show for me. Cool review by the way.
These are all 100% complete set-lists from the Albuquerque show. "War Painted Blood" was their opener. And yes, they did play 11 songs. Sure, it's somewhat shorter, but it was still a high energy set.
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