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Mayhem Festival 2012 -- Albuquerque, NM -- July 7th, 2012

Mayhem Festival has been a major staple to New Mexico territory in bringing a full blown barrage of heavy hitters who lay it onto the states crazy concertgoers. This year was no different as it offered to the fans who filled up the pavilion with a third consecutive sold out show. A day of Mayhem was definitely about. The weather was windy and rainy, but that didn't stop the fans. The full on review is as follows...

How They Were: Starting off the day was none other than San Antonio's locals heroes. Upon A Burning Body came out with full force and assaulted the crowd with a major performance. The entire Jagermeister stage was packed the moment they hit the stage, and they never let their energizing performance slip one bit. They brought on a performance to remember.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd broke out into eruption as soon as they blasted into their opening song. The pits were chaotic and pleased the band with their force of circle pits and wall of deaths when called upon.
Rating: 9/10
1) Showtime
2) Carlito's Way
3) Texas Blood Money
4) Sin City
5) Once Upon A Time In Mexico
6) El Mariachi
7) Intermission

How They Were: By this time, the stormy weather kicked in. The rain was pouring and the wind was blowing. Dust clouds from the pits graced the stage as Whitechapel put on their heaviest hitting performance yet. The weather was so strong they had to take down the backdrop as the end of the stage was nearly stripped of its lining due to the heavy winds. But the rain and distant lighting added to the storm of a performance Whitechapel delivered.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd performed one of the largest wall of deaths I have seen at the Pavilion yet. Doing it in the rain added to the epicness. The crowd was certainly pleased and gave it their all.
Rating: 9/10
1) Possession
2) The Darkest Days Of Man
3) This Is Exile
4) I Dementia
5) Section 8
6) Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence

How They Were: Dirtfedd graced the small Sumerian Stage (tent) with their tracks of heavy lifting tunes. They performed energetically and showed the crowd what they were made of.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd was surprisingly decent sized for being in the rain. Those who weren't taking cover from the pouring flows took the time to catch Dirtfedd, and they seemed pleased as the pits continued on throughout.
Rating: 8/10
1) Salute
2) Said The Spider So She Fly
3) The American Nightmare
4) Trained To Kill
5) Shotgun Romance

How They Were: As usual, As I Lay Dying laid down a ferocious and blistering performance. Tim never let his guard down and his vocal tracks were superb. The band was ontop of their game and demonstrated why they are the modern heavy hitters they have become.
Crowd Reaction: Wall of death #3 of the day was brought forth, causing the crowd to go completely chaotic. The crowd surfers were doing their job in keeping the energy level high, and it did not stop until the band finished.
Rating: 9/10
1) Condemned
2) 94 Hours
3) Anodyne Sea
4) Through Struggle
5) Nothing Left
6) Cauterize
7) Confined

How They Were: This was a band I was really wanting to see. Hailing from Paris, they brought their onslaught of energy to the New Mexican crowd. Their energy was off the charts as singer Aaron Matts kept the crowd under control in keeping up with him and getting them off their feet. They are a band who definitely gathered some new listeners.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd participated with them and kept the pits moving. They were pleased with what they saw.
Rating: 9.5/10
1) Ad Astra
2) Martyrs
3) Man Made Disaster
4) Love Is Precious
5) Because Of You

How They Were: These guys I were willing to give a try, and I did. I would say they were decent at best. Their energy seemed high, but their sound seemed a bit off. Whether it was sound from the Jager stage or flat out for their end, that lost some points. But I do give them credit for what they tried to deliver.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd on the other hand really enjoyed them. Unlike what everyone was speculating, there were no boo's being shouted or stuff being thrown. The crowd was moving and kept the place alive for them. They enjoyed it.
Rating: 6.5/10
1) Welcome
2) Closure
3) Breathless
4) A Lesson Never Learned
5) To The Stage
6) Dear Insanity
7) Morte Et Dabo

How They Were: I can say I really enjoyed I The Breather. Their metalcore sound was a good slice of tune to put the crowd into a frenzy. They performed well and sounded well. I was greatly surprised.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd was off their feet and moved with the band. Nothing more to say other than they seemed pleased with what they saw.
Rating: 8.5/10
1) False Profit
2) Bruised And Broken
3) Common Good
4) Forgiven
5) High Rise

How They Were: You could expect the Jager stage to be packed once Anthrax went on. And it was. Completely packed to the coor. Anthrax came on for their 40 minute set and never let up the energy. Joey was all over the place and keeping the crowd alive. It's everything you could expect from an Anthrax show. Pure chaos and insanity all throughout.
Crowd Reaction: The pits broke out instantaneously and the crowd surfers never stopped. It was a warfield of pure mayhem, a dish best served in the stage of New Mexico.
Rating: 10/10
1) Caught In A Mosh
2) Got The Time
3) Fight 'Em Till You Can't
4) Antisocial
5) Wardance
6) Indians
7) I Am The Law
8) Madhouse

How They Were: The Devil Wears Prada is a band I'm sure turned a lot of heads. They opened up the Main Stage with a fierce sound of heavy edged tunes. Their energy is a forced to be reckoned with and their sound was glorious. They blasted right through their set with full grace and passion. You could tell they were there to kick ass, and they most certainly did.
Crowd Reaction: The Main Stage was surprisingly filling up with people wanting to catch their set. The people in the seats stood and waved their devil horns while the lawn offered a great sized pit that never let up. As I stated before, they definitely turned heads.
Rating: 9.5/10
1) Born To Lose
2) Outnumbered
3) Constance
4) Dead Throne
5) Assistance To The Regional Manager
6) Vengeance
7) Mammoth

How They Were: Motorhead, the legendary founders of speed metal, came on and graced the Pavilion with their memorable tunes and heavy edged sound. Lemmy was great in his performance, Phil dominated on his guitar, and Mikkey crushed on his drums. It's all you could have expected from a Motorhead show. There is pretty much nothing else to say about that.
Crowd Reaction: The Pavilion was completely filled at this point. Two good sized pits were set off in the lawn and the crowd in the seats banged their heads and sang their hearts out.
Rating: 10/10
1) Bomber
2) Damage Case
3) I Know How To Die
4) Over The Top
5) Stay Clean
6) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
7) Going To Brazil
8) *Mikkey Dee Drum Solo*
9) Killed By Death
10) Ace Of Spades
11) Overkill

How They Were: Come on, it's Slayer, what more else is there to say?! Tom Arraya sounded great, Kerry King was shredding, Dave was chaotic, and Gary Holt filled in just fine for Jeff. They completely destroyed their set!
Crowd Reaction: Six pits total in the lawn, and one large pit in the front section. Seven pits total. The crowd went absolutely berserk!
Rating: 10/10
1) War Painted Blood
2) War Ensemble
3) Die By The Sword
4) Mandatory Suicide
5) Dead Skin Mask
6) Seasons In the Abyss
7) Hell Awaits
8) Altar Of Sacrifice
9) South Of Heaven
10) Angel Of Death
11) Raining Blood

How They Were: Finishing last in the sold out Pavilion was the almighty Slipknot. Their returned was very well welcomed by the fans who waited to see them. It was full blown energy from beginning to end. Sid was stage diving into the crowd, Corey was fierce, and the band in general delivered astonishingly.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd sang along with the songs and kept the energy high. They performed a wondrous "Jump The Fuck Up" when Slipknot demanded it, and they welcomed the band back with open arms to the state of New Mexico. The crowd was the highlight.
Rating: 10/10
1) 742617000027
2) (sic)
3) Eyeless
4) Sulfur
5) Wait And Bleed
6) Before I Forget
7) Disasterpiece
8) Gently
9) Vermillion
10) The Heretic Anthem
11) Psychosocial
12) Duality
13) Spit It Out
14) People=Shit
15) Surfacing

Another year has come and gone for the New Mexico Mayhem. We await for the next coming barrage of heavy hitting acts. Bring it on for year 2013!

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