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Warped Tour -- Tinley Park, IL -- July 7th, 2012

Warped Tour 2012 - Tinley Park, IL
Source: Me (with some help)

Bands I saw:
Blessthefall (partial)
Chelsea Grin
After the Burial
Miss May I
Title Fight
Every Time I Die
Transit (partial)
Man Overboard
Streetlight Manifesto
Born of Osiris (partial)
For Today
New Found Glory

Earlier this week dcmetal called me up and asked if I wanted to go to Warped with him, since he could drive me. I was super excited, since there were a LOT of bands that I really liked on it this year. I'm gonna do a band-by-band review in order of the ones I saw, but all in all it was so much fun, despite being 105 degrees and sweating my balls off. Most fun I've had at a concert in a long, long time!

We got there about 30 minutes before doors opened, and met up with kalfitegrdan in line. He was one of the only metalhead looking dudes in the whole place. We got in, sorted out the lineup we wanted to see, and since there was no band we initally wanted to see too bad, we went to the main stage (which was in the ampitheater, in the shade, thank GOD) and checked out Blessthefall. Honestly, it wasn't that bad, especially the heavy parts. Lots of people seemed to like it, and the crowd was going nuts for them, which was cool. I left about 3/4 of the way through their set to go check out Chelsea Grin on the side stage.

CHELSEA GRIN: (pretty sure the set looked something like this, correct me if I'm wrong)
Everlasting Sleep
Sonnet of the Wretched
The Foolish One
My Damnation

Overall, not bad. Good opening band to set the mood. I can definitely see how they aren't as good live nowadays compared to the past. They put on a way better performance in 2010. Also, I haven't listened to the new EP at all... but I was NOT aware that they turned into metalcore and started singing. If y'all needed any more proof deathcore was dead, even the second wave of deathcore bands are giving up! And for some reason, people had Magic the Gathering cards (I think they were handing them out but I couldn't find any) and throwing them all around the pit. I was kind of trying to half hardcore dance/half pick up any of the cards I saw on the ground as a joke. Up next was a band that's been long overdue for me to see: After the burial!

Fingers Like Daggers
Encased in Ice
Cursing Akenaten

Short set... but goddamn, no filler at all! I couldn't ask for any more for a set of them nowadays. They play the one really good song off of In Dreams, and opening with Fingers... It was on a really small side stage, but a lot of kids were going crazy for 'em. We had a big circle pit going around the sound tent for Berzerker, so much fun! It was kind of sad to see them on such a small stage like that, definitely a reminder of the decline of Sumeriancore. Same with Born of Osiris, but I'll get to that later.

Relentless Chaos
Forgive and Forget
Day By Day
Our Kings
Hey Mister
Ballad of a Broken Man
Masses of a Dying Breed

Went back to the main stage to see MMI, a band I've been screwed out of seeing multiple times before. Couldn't ask for a better first time to see them; the reception was incredible. So many kids going crazy for 'em. They said it was the second time they've ever played an ampitheater, and the first time sucked, but this was incredible. That seemed to be a theme for the day, so many bands said they've been getting a better reception at Chicago than they have at any other stop of the tour. Fuck yeah! I know chicago sets attendence records for Warped usually, too. I haven't listened to the new MMI album much, and I will say Day by Day suuuuuucks. However, Hey Mister is one of the best songs they've made in my opinion, so it was fun as shit! Pit for the beginning of that song and the breakdown in Our Kings was so much fun.

Loud and Clear
You Can't Say Kingston Doesn't Love You
No One Stays At The Top Forever
Memorial Field
Coxton Yard

Went back outside for Title Fight, REALLY excited to see a whole set by them, 'cause last time messed up my arm pretty bad during the second song and had to miss the rest of the set. Anyway, I couldn't ask for a better set from them! Lots of songs, and GREAT crowd response. Out of all the "troo-pop-punk" bands there, Title Fight stole the show. First of all, I finally saw a bunch of hardcore guys around my age rather than high school kiddies. Everyone knew all the lyrics, and so many people were going crazy crowdsurfing. The pit was pretty fun, lots of running around, two stepping, and push moshing. A bit of hardcore dancing at times, which I'm fine with. There was some oldie at the back that was getting mad and telling everyone to "knock off that violent stuff!", which we just kind of lol'd at. I mean, the guys who are in Title Fight came directly from the hardcore scene, all the fans are in the hardcore scene, and they used to be part of a sick goddamn hardcore band (Bad Seed), which I like more than Title Fight. Great exposure for these guys to be on Warped, hopefully we get some new material soon!

Holy Book of Dilemma
Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space
No Son of Mine
(I Suck) Blood

ETID went on after Title Fight on the same stage, and GODDAMN, it was fun! I think they might have topped themselves from last time I saw 'em. The pit was huge and beyond rowdy. I still believe that they have some of the heaviest, most chaotic, violtent, and utterly brutal breakdowns out of any hardcore or metalcore band. They keep solidifying their place as one of my favorite live bands of all time. All I can do is keep reiterating that you NEED to see this band sometime. Amazing stage presence by every member, too. Ketih Buckley kept saying that this was by far the best show of Warped So far for them. I don't blame him, the pit was fucking intense, and the crowdsurfing didn't stop.

I took a break after ETID, sat in the shade and drank a ton of water. I caught a bit of Transit but didn't care to stay long enough to watch their set. There weren't many people going crazy for them, and I "like" 'em but I don't love 'em. Had a crazy thing happen to me sitting in the shade, though, since I was wearing a Harms Way cutoff shirt, some other dudes came up to me, one of who was also in a Harms Way shirt and complimented me on it, I was like, "Thanks man, same to you!" And he was like, "Yo, since you like hardcore, you should check out my band, I'll give you our demo CD", and I look at the CD, and its for Smashed In! And I'm like, "No fucking way, youre in Smashed In?! I love you guys!" and pulled out my iphone and showed him that they're in my music library. He was pretty blown away it was funny. Definitely gonna try and hit up a show of theirs in August sometime here. We talked hardcore for a bit, it was fun. Speaking of hardcore, besides him repping the Harms Way shirt, I saw dudes repping Warhound and No Zodaic. Sweet.

You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices
Danger in the Manger
Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains
Karate Nipples
You Ain't No Family
Tastes Like Kevin Bacon

Checked these guys out on a stage close by, and although they aren't my favorite style of music by any means, they weren't terrible live. They seemed to get a pretty good reaction from the crowd, despite having that new chick singer. The music is a bit to zany and weird for me. They did have a wall of death for the last song that was pretty good.

Real Talk
Dead End Dreams
Something's Weird
Al Sharpton
Fantasy Girl
World Favorite
Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

Headed over to another small-ish stage to see Man Overboard. Honestly, I was expecting them to be a little better live. The crowd wasn't really doing much, even those kids in the DEFEND POP PUNK shirts. There were a couple kids trying to hXc dance to them, which was funny to me, but there was some big old drunk guy hugging them trying to get them to stop. I thought it was pretty retarded, so I pushed him back and kind of kicked him, physically, out of the pit, and then a bunch of kids kind of kept it up and it almost escalated to a fight, but he left. Like, come on... you're at warped. Let the kids have fun. Anyway, barely any crowdsurfing or anything. They played well, though. It just seemed so tame and innocent to the crazy Title Fight set. Glad I saw 'em, though.

Intro (The Saints Go Marching In)
Would You Be Impressed
Watch it Crash
(New Song, should be a new album this fall!)
We Will Fall Together
Down, Down, Down to Mephisto's Cafe
Somewhere in the Between
A Moment of Violence
Here's to Life

Went back into the ampitheater to see one of the bands I was looking forward to the most: Streelight Manifesto! I've been getting more and more into ska lately thanks to a friend, and he was telling me how fun ska shows get with all the skanking and stuff. GODDAMN, that was an understatement. I had a fucking BLAST. As soon as they kicked into their first song, the entire floor just erupted into a kind of mosh/skankfest. I pretty much danced around for 40 minutes straight, moshing occasionally when it got more punky. Out of all the bands that are just angry and heavy at warped, where people go into pits and try and hurt one another (me included ), Streetlight was just about having plain old fun. And that's why they were the best band I saw on Warped. It was super physical, but not to the point of pain or discomfort. Everyone was smiling smiling and laughing. That's a concert experience I won't soon forget. Also they said they should have a headlining tour this fall for the new album that should come out sometime soon. The guitarist was like, "We would have put this album out a lot sooner if we could have, but there's reasons we couldn't have beyond our control. Not like it's the MOTHERFUCKING RECORD LABEL'S FAULT or anything. Definitely not that."

Afterwards there was a little bit of a break between them and For Today, so I watched a couple songs of Born of Osiris from a side stage. It made me really, really sad, honstly. There weren't a ton of people there (compared to the turnout of stuff like For Today or The Ghost Inside), and the vocalist sounded like complete crap. I don't know if he's just getting bad or he was sick, but it was not pretty. They just looked stale on stage, too. Not only is deathcore dead nowadays, but Sumeriancore is fizzling out slowly, like a candle. When I thought it could get huge, everyone just moved on to new stuff, I guess. I can't see this band or After the Burial making a comeback and getting big again, honestly and unfortunately. I say its only a matter of time until they just call it quits.

Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger)
Under God
White Flag
The Breaker's Origin (pretty much just an intro)

After that depressing little show of Born of Osiris, For Today made me feel a lot better. You wanna talk about a band that people are still gonna be into 10 years from now? This is it. As usual, they were absoultely GREAT. So many people were into them, and the pits were awesome, giving ETID a run for their money. When I say "pits" I assume you guys know I mean, like, 98% hardcore dancing. I love it though, since I totally consider For Today a derivitive of a hardcore band, despite being metalcore. All of those guys come from their respective hardcore scenes, and everybody in the pit are hardcore dudes, and most of their riffs are just metal rip-offs of hardcore riffs. I don't think I saw any skinny high school bros, to be honest. Mattie did spend a good 3-4 minutes in between Under God and White Flag giving a religion speech, but I love that! Even though I was wearing a shirt with a giant pentagram on it. Seriously, the religion "gimmick" makes this band so much more enjoyable to me. It's ironic though, since we turn right around in the pit and try and beat the snot out of each other, and NOT in a loving, fun way. Short set I guess, but goddamn, that opening breakdown to Saul of Tarsus is one of the best songs to throw down to. I like them more when they open with it.

Hit or Miss
Truck Stop Blues
All Downhill From Here
Something I Call Personality
Anthem for the Unwanted
Truth Of My Youth
Basket Case(Green Day cover)
My Friends Over You

So I was super conflicted on whether to see New Found Glory or The Ghost Inside, since they had the same exact set times closing out the night, but in the end... IT'S NEW FOUND GLORY. You can't pass that up. A little bit before hand I met up with the dude from Smashed In and some other hardcore guys from around the chicago area, and we talked local hardcore for a while which was fun. I asked them, "So are you guys gonna go see the Ghost Inside? I'm definitely seeing New Found Glory, man, no doubt" and every one of 'em was like, "New Found Glory, no question!" NFG really are just hardcore guys who decided to write pop-punk. I love it. I would have liked a song or two more from the self-titled, but I can't complain! Every song was perfect. It got pretty insane with crowdsurfers, too, especially during My Friends Over You. It was on a larger side stage that could fit a ton of people, and it was packed. I crowdsurfed during Hit Or Miss from like, the very back to the front. So much fun. At first when I saw that they were covering Green Day I was like, "really? They have so many perfect songs themselves and they're gonna cut one out?" But it ended up being a blast live!

All in all, a great end to a great day of shows. Highlights for me were definitely Streetlight Manifesto and New Found Glory. I'm sure Anti-Flag would have been fun to see, too, but they overlapped with NFG. Warped was fucking great this year, if you're into any of these bands GO TO IT IF YOU HAVEN'T YET DAMMIT

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