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36. Weedeater - Jason...The Dragon

Now in keeping with the hint that I gave, I will stipulate that I haven't listened to much of this band's previous material in earnest, but I have tried some of it out, and I just don't seem to remember being that impressed. It was good, but it sounded like so much other stoner metal I'd heard before, that I just filed it under "more of the same". However, that all changed with this album. I can't really say what it was - whether the production was just a touch better, or the riffs were just a little bit catchier, or the overall tone of the album was just a bit more compelling, or what (probably a little bit of "all of the above") - but these guys got my attention for sure with this one. It's the first Weedeater album that not only made me want to listen to it again, but I even started watching out for them on tour so I could check them out live. Speaking of which, I don't remember the reason I had to miss their show with ASG and Cough in Pittsburgh a few months ago, but I can tell you that they were definitely the primary reason I wanted to go.

Does the above look familiar? Well that's because I quoted it verbatim (almost), because it fits. But seriously, this is the album that really got me interested in Weedeater. Everything they did before this was mildly interesting to me at best (granted, I hadn't spent much time with their material, but I'd like to think there was a reason for that) - but this one grabbed my attention like a motherfucker. It's a bit short, but it's fantastic. If I knew their previous material more, I might be willing to hazard a guess that this is their best album yet.
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