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#37 is another death metal album that, while being very similar to the band's previous work, is still ridiculously good in spite of its predictability (which isn't always a bad thing).
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37. Vader - Welcome to the Morbid Reich
Yeah, the man nailed it - and quite frankly, so did Vader. Again. It's almost getting to the point that you can predict exactly what the next Vader album is going to sound like - all you have to do is listen to the one before it (or the one before that). Yet, while this syndrome is the kiss of death for a great many bands, it is the crown jewel for others (bands such as Bolt Thrower, Amon Amarth, Unleashed and Entombed come to mind). I don't really know why some bands get away with it and others don't - and I'm as guilty as anyone at being "inconsistent" in this regard - but all I know is that as I listened to this album for the first time, I sat there and nodded my head and I remember thinking two things: "yup, it sounds pretty much like the last one", and "I can't wait to press play again when it's over". What else can one say?
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