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38. Jungle Rot - Kill on Command

Now in keeping with the hint that I gave, I will stipulate that I haven't listened to any of this band's previous material in earnest, but I have tried some of it out, and I just don't seem to remember being that impressed. It was good, but it sounded like so much other death metal I'd heard before, that I just filed it under "more of the same". However, that all changed with this album. I can't really say what it was - whether the production was just a touch better, or the riffs were just a little bit catchier, or the overall tone of the album was just a bit more intense, or what (probably a little bit of "all of the above") - but these guys got my attention for sure with this one. It's the first Jungle Rot album that not only made me want to listen to it again, but I even started watching out for them on tour so I could check them out live. Speaking of which, I don't remember the reason I had to miss their show with Deicide in Cleveland a few months ago, but I can tell you that they were definitely the primary reason I wanted to go. Plus, how could you not love an album with such awesome cover art?
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