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Morbid Angel -- Chicago, IL -- March 10th, 1991

Venue: Medusa’s
Tour: Altars of Madness
Support: Master & Demented Ted

Immortal Rites
Maze Of Torment
Visions From The Dark Side
The Ancient Ones
Unholy Blasphemies
They Kingdom Come
Dead Shall Rise
Bleed For The Devil
Chapel Of Ghouls
Lord Of All Fevers And Plague

This was my first time seeing Morbid Angel and I didn’t even have “Altars of Madness” yet so I was more or less just checking them out. Needless to say I was impressed and quickly hit up the local record store and picked up the CD a week or so later. At the time of the show I didn’t know any of the songs, but I wound up getting a bootleg of the show from a friend a few months later so I can confirm the set list from the tape of the show. I recently dug up an old box of my cassette bootlegs so as I re-listen to them I’ll try to get around posting some vintage shows.

PS: Despite the fact that “Altars” was 2 years old, this was actually the first “proper” US Tour to support “Altars” as it was recently re-issued in the USA by Combat/Relativity. While Earache Records did initially release “Altars” in 1989 they did not have major worldwide distribution and the CD was only available as a “hard to find” import in the USA. In 1990 Earache signed a USA distribution deal with Combat/Relativity and during ’90 to ‘91 the Earache back catalog was re-issued in the USA for the first time with “major” distribution by Combat/Relativity. While Morbid Angel did perform sporadic US shows prior to 1991 they did not do a full length US Tour until “Altars” was re-issued in early 1991, and to the best of knowledge this was their first ever Chicago show.
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