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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
It blows my mind that he's been as mediocre as he's been his whole career (wrestling, talking, commentating) and yet still has a regular job in the WWF/E going on about 20 years now.

Speaking of completely unappealing performers, can anyone explain to me the appeal of Jeff Hardy and why fans love him so much? He's sloppy in the ring and he can't talk worth a damn. Am I supposed to like him just because he paints his face goofy colors and he used to jump off cages/ladders and go through tables 12 years ago? The guy is just flat out annoying.
All of this so true! Jeff Hardy is a spot monkey and will forever will be. Peeps dig that shit, like "OMG he just took that big ass bump dayuuum!" He sucks though. His feud with CM Punk was awesome though Punk owned him and called out his drug addiction yet Punk was the heel. An yeah Lawler is pure trash. I actually cannot stand WWE and TNA announcing. Cole and Lawler are easily the worst.
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