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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
The penultimate band of the first day at Graspop came in the form of the third-best band of the whole weekend, Lamb of God. Lamb of God were everything I expected, and more. Insane? Check. Godly? Check. Headbangable as hell? Check. Randy Blythe is up there as one of the best frontmen and live vocalists I've had the privy of seeing, and the rest of the band is just as intense. In truth, I can't even choose one song that stands out above the rest; each is a contender. 'Something to Die For' and 'Redneck' were absolutely impeccable; Blythe brought out Donald Tardy (drummer of Obituary) to play drums on 'Redneck', who did a great job. At the end of their set, I caught Willie's guitar pick, and made my way to the main-stage to see the headliner of the day: Ozzy Osbourne.

Ghost Walking
Walk With Me in Hell
Set to Fail
Now You've Got Something to Die For
The Undertow
Laid to Rest
Black Label
Slowly We Rot [Obituary]
Your first video linked to 'The Undertow' instead of 'Hourglass'. I edited in the quote. Great set.
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