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Mayhem Festival -- Boise, ID -- July 4th, 2012

Venue: Idaho Center Ampitheater

I only went for Anthax/Motorhead/Slayer and the setlists were the same as has been previously reported, with Slayer playing Die By the Sword instead of Strike of the Beast which is a good thing as far as I am concerned. Joey also did a brief intro of The Ripper before launching into Madhouse, I am guessing that is happening everywhere.
It was a blazing hot day with temperatures in the 90s and not a cloud in the sky. But the crowds were great and I couldn't believe how many attractive women were crowd surfing down in the pit, I love Idaho! As an old person myself, it's good to see these three bands still going strong. As for the sets, I was very disappointed in Anthrax's set, two covers and no Among the Living?!? They had a overflow crowd on the side stage, they probably should have been on the main stage. Motorhead's sound wasn't well mixed and even though Mickey Dee is awesome, I don't think there should be a drum solo in a short festival set. I had never seen them or Anthrax before so I still had a good time.
Slayer absolutely dominated the show in my eyes, even my brother who had just come for Anthrax admitted they had the best live show of all 3. Even though the odds of Slayer not playing Dead Skin Mask appear to be the same as getting Rush to quit playing Tom Sawyer, I can forgive its appearance since they played Hell Awaits which they didn't play when I saw them last year. Their stage fire looked cool too, although the last thing this day needed was more heat. I will include pics if I can figure out how, a great day all around since Idaho is getting virtually no good concerts this year.
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