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Originally Posted by Steev View Post
Well that and their variety of drummers

Come to think of it I think Chuck actually ran a successful trucking company
Truth. Interview from '08

Crave: It's kind of an interesting thought to me that one of the pioneers of thrash metal has a day job. What do you do for a living?
CB: I do safety for a trucking company. I travel around 11 states and give safety lectures.

Crave: Does anyone ever recognize you from Testament?
CB: Yeah, I got 400 drivers that drive for me and a lot of them are metal fans. They always call me when we come on the radio. I started probably ten years ago when my wife got into a bad car wreck. A buddy of mine since I was five years old, his parents owned a trucking company and they haul US Mail. We always used to practice at this trucking company. He understands the music business and understands what I do so he lets me go on tour and do records. When I got cancer a few years ago, I had a great health plan. If I didn't have it I would probably have lost my house and everything I own. So at this point, it's basically keeping health insurance for my family, but I actually enjoy the routine of getting up and doing my thing every day. Not to mention, he pays me very well, so I do alright every year doing music and working for a living.
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