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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
Hey sep, I hope everything is alright with you man. I know that feeling of something going wrong and not wanting to be at a show. Has happened to me many times. So many times that I still have the habit of checking my phone between songs to make sure what time it is. Altar and Jesus Saves were my highlight as well. At least Slayer were off right at 9:16 so you could get back to whatever you needed to get to. What time did you get to the show? Was it just for Slayer?
yes and no. I wanted to get there to see anthrax and motorhead head but i spent from 4pm-5:40ish being in shock mode and flipping a bitch over some stuff that occurred. I left irvine around 630ish and got to the show around 7:30ish. Took us a good twenty minute walk and finally got to the venue by pretty much eight, getting there just in time for slayer ahhaha. You know I actually wanted to hit you up and see if we could all meet for a bit and chill, but i was in that mood where I literally couldn't even open up my mouth or even keep a straight face. I was to make it short...Pissed the fuck off and very bummed out mixed together creating a mood that just fucking killed my fucking goddamn night.. There was no way i would even wanna meet you in this kind of mood bro. Thanks for being concerned man, much appreciated. I ended up getting back to irvine at 10:30 and i didn't fall asleep until 5:30 in the morning. I was just too pissed and still in shock mode to even go to sleep, let a lone clear my mind up....oh and then I woke up three hours later and got ready to go to work. I have no idea how i kept a straight face over there let alone manage to work all nine hours as my body was sore dead, and i was just fatigued as hell over not getting any bit of sleep, ahahhahahah.

Glad you had a good time though, hope to see you soon at a show again, brothuh!
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