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MAYHEM FEST 2012: Worst concert of 2012. Hands fucking down

Well I think its time….ladies in gentlemen. Behold, hands down, one of the worst days of my life, which turned mayhem fest 2012 into easily the worst concert of 2012 for me.

Well i guess ill just get straight to it..

Had work at 7 am, worked till 4, got off only find out some fucking horrible fucking crazy ass shit. I don't think this is the best place to share super personal stuff seeing how i don't really know any of you and the ones that i have met i don't think i would consider you people good enough mates to share this kind of stuff with. Anyways long story short, some really personal shit went down and it killed what could have easily been an amazing show. Slayer was amazing as usual but the stuff that happened right after i got off work just totally and royally fucked me up, good god never has something outside of my enjoyment for metal, concerts, and more importantly, MY FAVORITE BAND EVER, Gotten in the way of my life. I can't believe I'm going to even say this but by 9:50pm i was looking at my cell and wishing Slayer would hurry up and finish. The band was amazing, sounded amazing, and tom sounded spot on during so many songs, he sounded fucking brutal during disciple. The reason I was in a rush to bone out of slayer was because this personal dilemma that occurred right when i got off work was just getting in the way, I was so fucked up, and by fucked up i just mean emotionally and physically and psychologically, i just wanted to get back home and get answers and get to the bottom of some fucking bull fucking shit fucking crap that i just don't wanna even go into god fucking dammit. I just can't get into this.... but if you if you folks knew just what happened all of you would be in the same mood as I was in and can't blame me at all for being so bummed out at the show..

june 30th was suppose to be an amazing concert by my favorite metal band of all time. I was so bummed out and sad over what had just happened and what still is going on that I just couldn't even enjoy one one bit of the concert. Although I will admit that Jesus saves and Altar of sacrifice were the highlights for me. Those were the two main songs where i totally forgot about everything and just went fucking crazy, head banging my fucking head to the fucking concrete floor, air guitar soloing and belching out the lyrics word for word with my main man Tom Araya! But after altar of sacrifice and jesus saves I just went straight into depress mode. Goddamn june 30th 2012 will go down as one of the worst days of my life, and what a way to kill off what could have been and amazing show by my favorite metal band of all time. I'm so disappointed in myself that i couldn't enjoy slayer, I even said through out the entire ride to the show that i wouldn't let this get in the way and that I'm going to go ape shit for slayer, but fuck man, i was pretty much bummed to the fucking fullest by the time angel of death came, so goddamn bummed, i didn't even care that angel of death was playing, i just wanted to stick around till they finish cause i love slayer, but i just wanted to go back to fucking irvine and deal with some fucking bull SHIT. Goddammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time the intro to South of Heaven came on I just wanted to get get the fuck out of the show, I seriously didn't give a fuck anymore. I WANTED TO FUCKING LEAVE ALREADY, I REALLY DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE WHAT ELSE THEY PLAYED. This personal delima that I had to deal with was just taking over my mind, I couldn't keep my mind and enjoyment on Slayer, all I could say and think was FUCK HURRY THE FUCK UP SO I CAN LEAVE. I ended up leavening in the middle of Raining Blood, missing the best part of the song, I couldn't take it anymore. I told my friend we need to get the fuck back home cause i need to deal with some shit and call people up and get to the bottom of some shit and get answers, I DEMAND ANSWERS. Right before tom goes into the "Awaiting the hour of reprisal, your time slips away" part we book it back to the parking lot, missing the best part of the song. I can't believe I left during the first part of raining blood, but i had to, i just couldn't take it anymore, you can all call me a hater or whatever but i was just so upset in my stomach and nauseated, scared and confused at what had occurred while i was at work and only to find out some crazy shit after that i really didn't care anymore.. i hate using this as it is pretty cliche but F.M.L

Anyways, i agree with vegantopher and srm, Show was fucking PACKED. I have never seen a mayhem this packed, it wasn't this packed last time i went to mayhem fest in 2009. Hell, it wasn't this packed at the judas priest show a couple of months ago at this same venue. I was parked right next to the entrance for that show, making it a nice quick 2 minute walk! For this years mayhem fest we got vip 20 dollar parking and still had to walk like 20 minutes! Good thing my friend knew where he parked because i would have gotten us lost till all eternity. Holy shit we were fucking far from the concert. And once again, totally spot on srm, THIS SHOW WAS FUCKING PACKED AS SHIT. I could tell this show was packed as monkeys once we treked our way down to the entrance, felt like forever!!! I'm glad I didn't drive ahahhahaha

Anyways, it sucks this personal stuff had to get in the way of what could havre been an awesome show. It really killed it, but I gotta say Slayers performance was amazing. Tom has put on a ton of weight since I last saw him at the Big four, but his weight issue doesn't seem to be getting in the way of his vocal performance at all, he sounded amazing and spot on during Disciple, die by the sword, jesus saves, and altar of sacrifice. Stellar performance over all and as long as getting fatt doesn't get in the way of his vocal performance, then i don't give a rats ass how fatt tom gets. He can be the next dino fear factirt for all i care, but as long as he still can belch out those songs like the way he did when i saw him at mayhem fest, then, with all due respect my friend, keeping eating those KFC thighs and chili cheese fries my nigga.

Slayer was amazing, short ass set list, and easily a horrible show ruined by some stupid personal bullshit that happened right after i got off work. I hope i get to see slayer soon so i can make up for that stupid shit.

OH Yeah, not that its a biggie, but this was officially my 6th time seeing Slayer.

And still I haven't seen them headline yet...
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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