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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Actually it wasn't random at all. This was around 96/97 when WWF and ECW had a wroking agreement with each other and the guys from ECW were showing up on RAW for a bit. Vince was just trying to get an up and coming wrestling organization some national exposure and it worked out well for ECW and raised their profile quite a bit.

One of the main things in the breif time they did this was Jerry Lawler's real life distain for ECW was used in the storyline. He would have words with Heyman and put down the guys from there every chance he got. He became a really hated guy because of that, espcially to the ECW faithful. So when he showed up on an ECW PPV in the sacred ECW arena he got a ton of heat from the crowd and it set up a match with Tommy Dreamer. Everyone at this point wanted to see Lawler get his ass kicked, honestly who doesn't since he's so goddam annoying. Basically, Lawler's "invasion" made sense and it set up what every ECW fan wanted to see and that was Tommy Dreamer beating him at the next PPV.

Yes, I know I just showed what a huge wrestling nerd I am with what I wrote above. But this was the Attitude/Monday Night Wars era and old school ECW in it's prime, if you watched it during this time you can never forget what happened and how great it was
It blows my mind that Lawler is a babyface in Memphis.
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