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Originally Posted by Palabra de Dios View Post
Okay, I have to say this...I know that Maiden is playing pretty much the same set on each date on this tour, but where the fuck do you get "not a good setlist on paper" or "yeah, I agree on this not being a good setlist"....?

What the fuck guys? FIVE FUCKING SONGS from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son! It's the best album the band ever put out. Plus they're doing THE PRISONER! Here's my take: INCREDIBLE SETLIST ON PAPER. I'm seeing this tour in August. Cannot fucking wait.
Best post in any of the Iron Maidn threads for this tour so far

Seriously, how bitter and jaded of a fan do you have to be to say this set looks bad on paper? How the hell can anyone think that? This set is awesome. I'll be seeing then twice this month and will love hearing this set both times.
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