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Iron Maiden -- Camden, NJ -- June 29th, 2012

Can't believe no one has posted anything about this. I actually managed to win the IMFC First to the Barrier drawing, and thankfully showed up early enough that the Fan Club trip wasn't there yet. We were about the 8th or 10th people inside, and Irritated Trout and Razor were right behind me in line. Ended up on the rail a little bit to the right of Adrian.

Alice Cooper was surprisingly good. I'm still not the biggest fan of his music but the stage show was really entertaining and the band was solid. The setlist was the same as the other gigs. Set time was 7:30-8:20.

Maiden went on like clockwork at 9:00, and the show was fantastic as expected. The setlsit on paper was still pretty disappointing but as a show it was awesome. I honestly didn't really miss Hallowed, but I still am pissed about the absence of Infinite Dreams. Production value-wise, this was the most elaborate Maiden show I've ever seen, even surpassing the 2008 tour. There were 19 pyro blasts in Number of the Beast alone, and equally as many in Phantom of the Opera and Aces High. Seventh Son was just epic on all levels, despite the fact that I was on the verge of passing out from dehydration. During the band intro break in Running Free, I got Adrian's attention and pointed to my wrist and mouthed the words "Wristband", and then he gave me a smile and a thumbs up, and at the end of the show walked out and tossed me one of his wristbands.

As many of you know, when I saw Maiden in Virginia in 2010 I had a pretty shitty experienced and said it would be the end of me doing GA pit tickets for Maiden shows - I reneged for this tour, largely because I refused to go out on a negative note. This definitely was a great night, one of if not the best time I've seen Maiden, so now with both an Adrian Smith pick and wristband and having won First to the Barrier, I can bow out.

01 Moonchild
02 Can I Play With Madness
03 The Prisoner
04 2 Minutes to Midnight
05 Afraid to Shoot Strangers
06 The Trooper
07 Number of the Beast
08 Phantom of the Opera
09 Run to the Hills
10 Wasted Years
11 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
12 The Clairvoyant
13 Fear of the Dark
14 Iron Maiden
15 Aces High
16 The Evil That Men Do
17 Running Free
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