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Ok here's my review of the show. I left my girlfriends house around 6 with a few friends and we all got to the venue around 6:30ish but it took 20 minutes or so to find parking. It was so terrible! We parked about a mile from the venue. I'm not exaggerating cause it took us almost twenty minutes to walk from my car to the gate. As I walked up to the gate, I noticed there wasn't a line! This seriously caught me off guard cause I was expecting to have to wait about 45 minutes in line. We were inside a bit after 7 and I could hear Motorhead playing. I checked out the alcohol prices and it was $13 for a large beer and $16 for a mixed drink Fuck that!! My girlfriend was also horrified when we got inside because she didn't know what to expect. She described it as a "White Trash Swap Meet" We went to our seats and were sitting down by the time Over the Top was being played. I thought they sounded amazing, but there were some sound problems and I couldn't really hear Lemmy's voice that well. Slayer went on a bit after and had the same sound problem. Tom's voice seemed a little low in the mix, but the rest of the band sounded amazing. I was so happy to hear Hell Awaits, Altar of Sacrifice and Jesus Saves being played again! My girlfriend thinks Gary looks like Aragorn haha.. After a 45 minute wait, the lights finally went out and the intro track began for Slipknot. It would have been cool to hear them play Killers are Quiet instead of it just being the intro, but w/e. I was happy to see them bring back the jump suits and some of their old masks. I was tripping out for the first few songs because Jim wasn't there. Corey then went on to tell everyone that Jim's appendix burst a few weeks ago and he's waiting to undergo surgery soon. They sounded really good but we were over being there after the Heritic Anthem, so we left early to beat the traffic. After making the 20 minute walk back to my car, I was out of the parking lot and on the freeway by 11:30 It was definitely a good time!
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