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Originally Posted by cradle_of_maiden View Post
Any word on who's filling in for Jim Root?
No one, they only played with one guitarist and I'm sure they did that bassist in the back thing again. Like that dude said above Anthrax set was nothing special but they put on a hell of show. The person who asked about Gently, it sounded damn good. During the song they did that fake snow thing from Disasterpiece DVD. I saw all of Motorhead but I know jack about em so I can't confirm that above set. Overall had a great time so much fun pits, crowdsurfed a good amount especially during SLAYEEER!!! Only negative thing is there was a decent amount of skin heads, during Motorhead a couple fights broke...fuckin lame. Parking sucked as well. Lastly, TDWP opening up mainstage was fucking dumb. They got booed and beer/stuff chugged at them. crowd did not dig em at all. I mean if ya don't like a band that's fine but don't disrespect them unless they do a douchy thing.
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