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I was at Jones Beach too, upstairs in the balcony. And I can attest the sound suuuuuuuuuuucked. And yes it has a lot to do with it being open air with NO ROOF. The sound has nothing to bounce off of. The sound waves just go up and out and get mushy and dissipates before you start to hear it. I'm not sure whose monitors they were being played through but I thought the amount of speakers hanging on each side was small. Maiden has so much stageshow, theres no place to put a Marshall stack (not to mention it would look a little out of place next to the multiple plastic eddies!), they might be under the tarps hanging from the runways i guess. But we'd never know it unless we watched the crew take down the stage.

The NY special shirt is pretty cool, I'll get one at Pru in Newark on monday. Funny they have Eddie stomping through Times square on the shirt, even though JB is about 40 miles east of Manhattan, a real pain in the ass to get to, unless you live out there on long island (missed Alice completely in traffic), and Pru center is over in downtown Newark, NJ, I'll be in the G.A. floor for that! No MSG show this time. Garden would NEVER do a full GA floor, the scalpers would be up in arms! On a side note: The Metallica stage takes so much floor, they did sell that GA 2 years ago on the floor, but its a lot less people than an end stage setup, and at least they sell the place 360 around for that, would be interesting to see Maiden in the round!

Also, some dudes behind me kept saying "I wish theyd play mowr claaasics", I said "Run to the Hills, # of Beast, Prisoner, Phantom, Aces... are you kidding me?" EVERY SONG IS A FUCKING MAIDEN CLASSIC!!!!!
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