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After wanting to play Final Fantasy III for probably twenty years I finally got it for the DS...and it sucks. The graphics are horrible, story is non-existant (which I expect from what was an original Famcon game) but what's killing me most is how unbalanced the gameplay and classes are. Why is my level 14 black mage with a bow & arrow more powerful physically than my level 14 warrior with the strongest sword I can get in the game at this point? Why does my white mage have more hit points than my warrior, they're both level 14 too? Why can my thief equip heavy armor? Why can my black mage even equip a bow & arrow? Man, those last few sentances make me sound like a gag character in an episode of the Simpsons. I'm still early in the game and I will play it the whole way through but hopefully it gets better.
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