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Dream Theater -- Kansas City, MO -- June 28th, 2012

I know that this is probably the 3rd or 4th time someone has done a report on this Dream Theater tour but I wanted to add a little bit extra to it that wasn’t on the previous reports, plus for once we actually had a special guest in KC which never usually happens.

I will preface this by saying that I really got into DT probably back in ’07 and they haven’t been to KC (or the surrounding area) in probably 4-5 years so yea I was definitely amped up for this moreso than most other shows that I have been to lately. They played at The Starlight Amphitheater which is easily the most beautiful outdoor venue in KC and possibly most beautiful venue in KC. Although, with a capacity of 8,000 it’s a little bit of an odd choice as there are 2 other venues that could have fit this show better. They had wind screens up behind all of the sections, if I had to guess there were probably around 2,000 people there last night, give or take.
I got in probably right as The Crimson ProjecKt started. I will be honest right up front, I know little to zero about King Crimson. I’ve heard good things, I’ve just never got to listen to them and that will probably change after last night. I do know of Adrian Belew and that he is just a phenomenal guitar and that he’s been with other artists as well. Guess I didn’t really know what to expect. There were 2 drummers, Adrian, 2 bass players & what I thought was a 3rd bass player but apparently it’s a “touch guitar” even though I’m pretty sure it was a bass, & 1 guitar player as well. They were pretty amazing for me not knowing anything of them. After their 1st song Adrian said they have a special guest and the KC boy himself Danny Carey came up onstage and played w/ them for probably almost half their set. Everybody in the band really seemed to enjoy it, tons of smiles and laughing and joking around. Danny would play a song or 2 on 1 kit and then go off for a song and then come back on the other kit. There was, what seemed like a little drum jam going w/ Danny & the other drummers. I got a good 3.5 min video of this before the video nazi’s at Starlight decided that videos were not allowed and it was like that the rest of the evening. That was the only downside to the evening. They were way better than what I expected them to be. Perfect opener for DT.

I just copied there set off I'm assuming this is correct.
Elephant Talk
Frame by Frame
Thela Hun Ginjeet

Now finally for what I’ve waited a long time for. Even though it’s not easy lately, I still am a Portnoy fan, I wished my 1st time could have been w/ him in the band but obviously that soap opera still doesn’t seem to completely die. Anyways, I saw the setlist for the tour and honestly I wasn’t a ton excited about it but I was still excited because it was still DT. Even not knowing a ton of the songs that they played all that well minus the new songs I had a blast. Even though Dark Eternal Night is loved or hated by anyone who listens to DT I do like it, it was one of the first DT songs that I ever heard and I’m still partial to it for that reason. Obviously, we know what to expect out of a DT show. Everybody was technically amazing on their instruments. Damn Mangini can play, I’d never heard him before but shit he is an amazing player. I would have liked a song from Dark Clouds and/or Train of Thought but hopefully they comeback sooner next time. I really loved the songs that they did play. I could die a happy man if I could hear them do The Glass Prison just once in my life. I also don’t think I’ve heard a bigger sing along even if it was only 2,000 some people, with The Spirit Carries On. Wonderful moment. I would go on and on but it’s the 3rd or 4th report so I won’t waste too many more words. I borrowed a way better camera and these are the greatest pictures that I have ever taken.
Anyway, just a great show. Cannot wait to see them again. I just hope it’s not 4 or 5 more years till they come in this area again.

Danny (Blue Shirt) With Crimson



Danny With Crimson:
Thanks for reading.

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