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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Same thing happened to him with Opeth and Megadeth since their popularity grew over the last few years. Both bands originally gave Metal Assault interviews and press passes no problem, but now that they do arenas and amphitheaters they don't even acknowledge his emails or in Megadeth's case, they straight up cut us off entirely. It really is bullshit, but what can you do? Hopefully your radio show grows big enough to the point where you won't have to deal with this stuff man. Metal Assault (Andrew to a far lesser extent of course, but me definitely) still has some working up to do.
Wow that really bothers me a lot. You'd think that people would still be there for those who helped them out along the way. But I guess after you hit a certain level it doesn't matter anymore.

Thanks for the kind words man. Right now I am just doing this for the love of music and supporting the bands I care about. And I have made a lot of great connections so far with musicians. I just hope I don't lose any of them if they make it to an Opeth or Megadeth or Volbeat status.
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