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Originally Posted by Polock91 View Post

The 2 songs in bold were not played at any other show on the tour. They were also both played with Richard Christy and Alex Skolnick.

The vocals (and 3rd guitars) in Spirit Crusher and Scavenger were also provided by someone who could only be Chuck's nephew. There's literally no other explanation for who that guy was. He both LOOKED and SOUNDED exactly like Chuck. It was frightening.
I FUCKING CALLED THAT SHIT. But congrats on getting those songs dude, as amazing of a drummer Gene is, Richard Christy is the only drummer who could ever really nail those two, especially Scavenger. And interesting to hear about Chris Steele possibly singing those songs. Apparently this is the only show of the tour that was professionally filmed, so hopefully we'll get to hear him on a DVD soon enough.
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