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Death to All -- New York, NY -- June 28th, 2012

What a seriously awesome show. Every single person killed it, tonight.

First up: Gorguts. I have been wanting to see this band since the reunion was announced. I unfortunately missed them at the headlining show they did last year due to a sold out venue, but even if it was just 8 songs, they were seriously amazing. I wasn't looking forward to the Obscura songs, but they actually transferred pretty well, live. It kinda got me thinking that Gorguts happens to be one of those bands who never had GREAT production. Considered Dead and Erosion of Sanity worked for the old school style, but when they started experimenting, From Wisdom to Hate and Obscura just had very flat productions with no real foundation (imo, obviously).

Regardless, this review isn't about their production, it's about their show. Luc's vocals sound just like they did on Considered Dead. He's such a brutal vocalist. The music was all very tight, which is no easy feat when you actually see what is played on the records. For me, Inverted and Cold and Stiff were the highlights.

From Wisdom to Hate
The Carnal State
Orphans of Sickness
Stiff and Cold
The Erosion of Sanity

Next up is a band (or a rendition of) that I never thought I would have ever had the opportunity to see. Steve DiGiorgio alone was one person I never thought I'd get to see live.

Shannon Hamm and Bobby Koelble were SO tight. I'd love to see them do a record, together. It would be a pretty sweet combo.

I was really blown away by Charles Elliot and Matt Harvey. Both of those dudes did an amazing job recreating the vocals. It sounded like Chuck was on that stage. And just think, it only took 7 people to recreate his stage presence.

Masvidal nailed everything. Gene Hoglan, Sean Reinert, Danny Walker, Steve DiGiorgio, Scott Clendenin; Every single person on stage tonight was above par.

Zombie Ritual
Within the Mind
Torn to Pieces
Left to Die
Suicide Machine
Lack of Comprehension
Flattening of Emotions
Secret Face
The Philosopher
Trapped In a Corner
Overactive Imagination
Bite the Pain
Zero Tolerance
1,000 Eyes
Crystal Mountain
Flesh and the Power it Holds

A Moment of Clarity
Voice of the Soul
Living Monstrosity
Pull the Plug

The 2 songs in bold were not played at any other show on the tour. They were also both played with Richard Christy and Alex Skolnick.

The vocals (and 3rd guitars) in Spirit Crusher and Scavenger were also provided by someone who could only be Chuck's nephew. There's literally no other explanation for who that guy was. He both LOOKED and SOUNDED exactly like Chuck. It was frightening.

I'll upload some pictures later.... maybe.....
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