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In April, every year the local rock station puts on a show with various bands. In 2010, they got Alice in Chains and Limp Bizkit as the headliners. I LOVED that AIC was there, but HATED this LB was, and that I would have to sit through them for AIC. However, they completely changed my mind with their show. The band was tight, the energy there was off the charts, and it was pretty damn hard not to have a good time, as much as I hated to admit it. They tore the roof off the place. I never bought one of their albums, but they have my respect on the live end. I actually felt bad for AIC since LB stole a lot of energy, since obviously AIC isn't the same kind of band. Plus AIC's stage setup was very basic compared to LB (which isn't necessarily bad, but just doesn't match up when the show before had many stage lights and such to add to the show).

That said, I probably wouldn't go to this, unless it was pretty cheap.
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