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I've finished the first bluray in the newest WWE "ECW Unreleased Vol. 1" compilation. It's really not the best ECW compilation I've seen but it's still good. One thing I've found VERY surprising is how big of a star (in ECW standards anyway) they make Shane Douglas out to be. And the lack of Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Gangstas, Dudley Boys and Raven. They seemed to really forget some of the guys that made ECW so important, on this video anyway. But, I guess most of those guys got their times to shine on other videos. This one has really focused a lot on Shane Douglas, Sabu and Rob Van Dam so far.

So far, halfway through I give it a 3 out of 5 and say that it's the worst of the WWE produced ECW videos I've seen, although I never saw the one called Extreme Rules they put out in late 2007(?), but I've seen a lot of the matches from that on different videos and it could be better than this one.
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