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I wasn't going to post this story but fuck it. I'm still pissed about it...

I was suppose to be interviewing Michael from Volbeat. at first they told me "5 minute interview, as fast as possible. Volbeat is a very busy, important band."

As soon as they heard that I had a syndicated radio show....

"We want a video interview that you can put on Youtube. You can make it as long as you want. Michael is looking forward to it."

Then comes Tuesday at 1pm. I get into Volbeat's Green room. And they ask what station I am a part of. I list off the stations that are internet radio and FM radio. and over the Walkie Talkie I hear Michael say "If he is not a part of 93X (the local rock station here) I'm not doing it."

So they send in Jon Larsen, who is the drummer of Volbeat, and if you listen to first 15 seconds of the interview, he couldn't have been LESS interested in doing an interview. The whole thing speaks for itself.

Knowing how shitty everything went, my bassist, who is my cameraman for video interviews, said to him how much he loved the Johnny Cash cover they do (which is Sad Man's Tongue....not a cover) He got pretty offended and said "Well a lot of people have said that to us, so we must be doing something right." then after a unwanted handshake and me thanking him for the interview. he stormed off. then I went to Iced Earth's tour bus to interview Jon Schaffer.

Now the part that seems sketchy, why isn't the video of these interviews up yet? My computer sucks ass and for some reason isn't allowing me to convert video to make it fit on Windows Movie maker to synch the audio I recorded on my Zoom H2. So since I do a RADIO show. I care more about the audio, and posted that. And both interviews will be on my show next week.
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