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Orange Sky- Roses
Mutiny Within- Awake
Raunchy- Phantoms
Times Of Grace- Live In Love
3 Inches Of Blood- The Goatriders Horde
Blood For Blood- White Trash Anthem
Susperia- The Urge
Testament- Fear In America
Arch/Matheos- Midnight Serenade
Spires- Equilibrium
Ne Obliviscaris As Icicles Fall
Unexpect- Words
Katatonia- Dead Letters
Porcupine Tree- Godfearing
Sentenced- May Today Become The Day
Strapping Young Lad- Wrong Side
Bloodbath- Blasting The Virginborn
Nile- Supreme Humanism Of Megalomania
Cattle Decapitation- Dead Set On Suicide
Agalloch- Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires
Woods Of Ypres- Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)
Cloudkicker- Let Yourself Be Huge
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off
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