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Obituary -- Moscow, Russia -- June 28th, 2012

When I woke up this morning, I didn't think I would end up going to this show due to financial constraints after Graspop, but fortunately I was offered a free ticket by a friend of mine who couldn't make it. I showed up about two hours before doors, and shot the shit with the other five Obituary fans that were there, making a few new friends in the process. Our numbers didn't increase until about half an hour before the band actually began; until then, I was genuinely worried the turn-out would put off the band from coming to Moscow again. Fortunately, by the time Obituary started, the relatively small room had been filled up. Their second time in Moscow, Obituary's set was greeted by a collective cheer as they kicked into an extended version of 'Redneck Stomp'. The band's overall performance was better than I thought it'd be; for some reason, I had a notion that Obituary were arguably the worst live band out of the handful of classic old school death metal bands still touring. John and Donald were superb at their craft; unlike most drum solos I see live, I loved Donald's. John's vocals were very damn good too, though he had some mic issues during the first two songs of the set. It should be Lee Harrison (touring lead guitarist for the band) wasn't present on this European tour; Trevor accredited his absence to an alcohol problem, though I'm not sure whether he was kidding or not. Unfortunately, I did have to deal with the first concert asshole since Dark Funeral in April; some meathead came late, and deciding he wanted to be up front, practically threw me out of my spot. I tried to talk some sense into the guy, but he definitely didn't give a shit about what I thought of what he did. To make matters worse, halfway through the show he decided he wasn't having enough fun making life difficult for me, and stood up on the barrier. To my disappointment, security didn't make him get back down, so I spent the rest of Obituary's set moving my head to see past his fat ass. After the show, I stuck around to get autographs from the band; I managed to get everyone but John's. Here's their setlist:

Redneck Stomp
On the Floor
Internal Bleeding
List of Dead
Blood to Give
Chopped in Half
Turned Inside Out
Threatening Skies
By the Light
Find the Arise
Dethroned Emperor [Celtic Frost]
The End Complete
Slow Death

Drum Solo
'Til Death
Evil Ways
Slowly We Rot
9/24 Beirut
10/18 Opeth
10/19 The Tallest Man on Earth
11/5 Titus Andronicus
11/22 The Vaccines
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