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Good show for my first ever Maiden concert... Although the sound was pretty off for the first half of the set - I couldn't hear Bruce or the guitars at all. I thought maybe I was in one of the Comcast Center's infamous "Dead spots", but I talked to some coworkers who were there in other sections and they thought the same thing. The other thing we all agreed on was that Bruce didn't seem "on" last night. Having never seen them before, I had nothing to compare to, but my 2 friends have seen them many times and thought that. In fact, he looked a little sick when they showed him up-close on the video screens. Who knows....?

Alice was great as usual, and as someone pointed out, it was a nice surprise to see Orianthi in the band now!

Overall, I give the night a 8/10. (Having seen Rammstein a few times, nobody else's show even comes close....)

(Resisting temptation to post the setlist here...)
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