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Went to this last night, can't move my neck this morning. The show was really awesome. Alice was incredible, as always, and the response from the crowd was awesome. It was cool seeing Ryan Roxie playing for Alice, he along with the rest of the band were spot on the entire set. I'm sort of an Alice fan boy so for me there aren't many bands that can follow him, however Iron Maiden is one of them. Iron Maiden was amazing. For me highlights included: The Prisoner, Aces High, Seventh Son, Clairvoyant. The whole set was incredible, tons of pyro, Eddie's, and of course the band itself. I agree the mix was a bit off, and I believe the band was having some trouble with stage monitors since a couple of crew members came out and did some work on them. All in all it was an amazing show, and a great way to kick off the summer.

Alice Cooper: 10/10
Iron Maiden:10/10
7/1-Roger Waters
8/3-Mayhem Fest
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