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Municipal Waste -- Albany, NY -- June 24th, 2012

The line-up was to be Municipal Waste, Three Inches of Blood, Black Tusk, Lich King, and two other bands. The show was at Bogie's. I think a great place for metal, punk and hardcore.

We arrive to the first band. I was apathetic for other reasons. They were a local band.

The second band sounded like Unexpect without the string instruments while torturing a cat in the background. I stayed away. Another local band.

Lich King was next. Frankly they are the reason I write this review. They were great!! However I must admit I can't remember if they played four or five songs. I will give what I remember;

1. Attack of the Wrath of the War of the Death of the Strike
2. ED 209 (!!!!)
3. Combat Mosh (new song)
4. Act of War

Sorry for the incomplete set. I am old and my fan belt is slipping.

I bought their latest CD. They are from Mass. and they were fabulous! The singer was berating the pussies in the back. I was somewhat close so I didn't fall in that category.

3IOB was next.

Leather Lord
Deadly Sinners
Metal Woman
Revenge is a Vulture
Trial of Champions
Demon's Blade
Battles and Brotherhood
Dark Messenger
Goatrider's Horde

They were great! I was hoping for Silent Killer, but oh well.

I really wish Municipal Waste was a band when I was in college. They would have been great at massive keg party!! They played the same set as Chicago. Tony is really funny. I do think my 9-year old son is almost as tall as he is. I really enjoyed them. I like that the Thrashin' of Christ is about moshing on Mel Gibson's balls.

The merch for all bands was quite reasonable. I got a free MW frisbee without any dickering.

EDIT: I found out what the first song was.
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