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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
So the indie show I went to last night had one NO DQ match and they used a cookie sheet I gave them and one wrestler had my dad (we know the guy) throw a chair into the ring and then had everyone in the venue go old school ECW and all start throwing every chair into the venue.

And the hardcore tornado tag cage match WAS FUCKING OVER THE TOP INSANE! All four guys bled like pigs and used another cookie sheet I gave them. They all feel in thumb tacks a bunch, used a trashcan and a 2X4. Ended the match with one guy going off the top of the cage threw a table that was on fire. The guy lit it using a entire bottle of lighter fluid and the guy that went threw it stayed on fire. I was like 6 feet from the ring. INSANE!

I'm moving to Chicago.

Raw last night.. was ok, at least for what I was awake for.... the AJ/Kane storyline is so stupid, but Sycho Sid made a guest appearance against... some dude I can't remember, but always wrestles people just to make them look good, anyway, it was cool to see Sid.
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