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Finally going to finish this mother-fucker before I start my 2012 review!!

I remember this last day having a big buzz about it, because we were getting Slipknot and Rob Zombie today, and we were going to meet Dublin Death Patrol, which had us all very excited!

Also, not bothered with setlists, it was a festival, they were all very standard and the Slipknot is old news now!

Anvil (3/5)

These guys... I want to like them because of how hard they're trying, but they really were out of their depth on the main-stage, and really, twice was more than enough for me and my friends. The first time was great fun, but after that they show their age, and the songs just aren't there. Sorry Lips, maybe someday!

Kreator (4/5)

Watched them from the side of the stage as we were meeting Dublin Death Patrol. These dudes are TIGHT. Proper good old school thrash, they really got the crowd going. As much as I enjoyed them on the main-stage,it made me wanna see them in a smaller venue, as I imagine that's where they truly shine!

Mastodon (5/5)

I've never seen these guys do a bad show, I guess I've just been lucky with that! They were awesome here, and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. The setlist was Blood Mountain heavy, but that's hardly a bad thing!

Avenged Sevenfold (5/5)

They played A Little Piece Of Heaven. I could not have been happier!

Rob Zombie (5/5)

His set was one big party, lots of singing along and just generally being fun. He's a great performer, I really hope he tours Europe again sometime soon, I'd love to see him indoors. He got a bunch of women up onstage for one of the last songs, it was great fun altogether! John 5 of course destroyed on lead guitar, definitely a player who deserves more recognition!

Slipknot (6/6)

Flawless insanity. Funny story, after (sic) the crowd were just non-stop going NUTS, and this dude was crowd-surfing our direction, so we braced for impact before noticing that was, in fact, naked. I back away, and he drops head first between me and my buddies. He had a flannel shirt tied around his waist and was holding a big voodoo stick, and that was it, we all seen a bit too much ball sack, and my poor buddy had to help him up to surf out. I hope that dude survived ok. Corwd surfed myself a couple of times because of how dense the crowd was. Epic set altogether, as usual from the 'Knot!

Great year overall, crossed a LOT off my must-see list. Good shit!!
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