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Originally Posted by kevindeets View Post
The 1st time I ever saw Collective Soul was in 1999 on the DOSAGE tour.
Same here, if memory serves correctly. I agree with all your comments about this band. They have always been one of my favorite non-metal bands, and I've been listening to them since their first album. I always seem to miss them live, though, and this tour will be no exception. The Cleveland show is tonight, but my five-year-old son has his last baseball game of the summer and my wife is seven months pregnant with twins, so needless to say I'll be otherwise occupied tonight.

Great set list, though. I noticed they did a very balanced representation of their catalog (all albums represented, with a bit of extra emphasis on the self-titled...just the way it should be ).

Originally Posted by kevindeets View Post
They didn't play "Dandy Life,"
That's my favorite song from "Dosage". If I were to see this tour and they cut that song, I would be so bummed. Still, great set though. "Dosage" is one of their best albums. I really wanted to see this tour.

Thanks so much for posting. Glad you had a blast.


Originally Posted by kevindeets View Post
How about a 20th anniverary tour for the BLUE self-titled album in a few years, huh?
Yes, please!
9/2 Chelsea Wolfe
10/16 Kylesa / Inter Arma / Indian Handcrafts / Irata
11/13 Windhand / Monolord
12/30 Clutch

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