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Originally Posted by scrunt View Post
They had a row of tables that they all were sitting at (ex Death guys, Charles, and Matt). You can pick and choose whichever ones you want. I'm jealous that you get Richard Christy. There wasn't really much time to get photos but they did take a group photo with everyone and the band. You can talk to them a bit during the signing but I didn't want to be the guy that holds up the line so I kept it short and simple. Also, not really part of the meet and greet but I'm guessing Eric Greif will be there; definitely worth talking to him too; he can answer just about any question you have about Chuck and Death.
I mainly just want a picture with Gene Hoglan and Sean Reinert, I'm a drummer and they're two of my biggest influences, so i hope the two of them would take a picture with me lol

I'm assuming the only time you really get to talk to any of them is during the dinner?

Also I mainly just want to talk to Gene, Sean and Paul lol, no disrespect to the others, they're great players, but these 3 guys are huge influences on me.
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