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Collective Soul -- Detroit, MI -- June 24th, 2012

For this tour Collective Soul announced that they'd play their 4th album DOSAGE in its entirety. I was super-excited for 2 reasons: that is my favorite album of theirs, and this was going to be the 1st time in over a decade where I'd get to see them play more than just the hits. They're one of my 5 favorite bands, and they're fantastic live. Ed Roland is an amazing frontman and a great songwriter. However, my one complaint about their live shows is that they always play their hits plus 2 or 3 other songs, so their setlist is extremely predictable. Well, last night I got to hear some songs I thought I'd never hear them play again, like "No More No Less" & "Crown" (which were the 2 highlights for me). The 1st time I ever saw Collective Soul was in 1999 on the DOSAGE tour. That was an amazing show, but this topped it. I've seen them about a dozen times now, and this was by far the best show I've ever seen them play, hands down. It was awesome to hear the crowd sing along at the top of their lungs to all of the songs off of DOSAGE. Ed asked the crowd if the band decided to play another full album, what would they want? The resounding choice was BLUE. I concur, but I'd also LOVE to see them play all of YOUTH sometime. I don't understand why they don't stray away from the hits a bit more. Sure, they have a lot of hit songs, but they've got such a great catalog, IMO. Anyway, I digress. They didn't quite play DOSAGE all the way through, but it was close enough. They didn't play "Dandy Life," and they played "She Said" in the middle instead of right at the end. Oh well. After an intermission they came out & played a set of the songs that, "gave the band a life," according to Ed. What a show! How about a 20th anniverary tour for the BLUE self-titled album in a few years, huh? Setlist:

Set One
Tremble For My Beloved
No More No Less
She Said
Not the One

Set Two
Welcome All Again
Better Now
Why Pt. 2
Precious Declaration
The World I Know
10/11 Shai
10/17 Unearth
10/25 TDWP
11/4 & 5 TGI
11/11 Parkway
11/13 ITB
11/20 MH
4/5 Maiden
4/8 & 9 UO
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