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Saturday was a mighty fine day that began with a criminally underrated power metal band from Germany called Powerwolf. Even though I had already seen these fellas, I woke up early to see them and scream my lungs out under the clear sky above the mainstage. The crowd was into it, too; I even noticed a few dudes with corpsepaint the band's. I won't complain about the shortness of their set seeing as how they opened up the day, but like in February, I will once again recommend that any fan of power metal check these guys out.

Lupus Daemonis
Sanctified With Dynamite
Prayer in the Dark
We Drink Your Blood
Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
Werewolves of Armenia
Resurrection by Erection
All We Need Is Blood
Lupus Dei
Wolves Against the World

Next were one of the most hyped bands of the weekend, Alestorm. Apparently, 14k showed up to their performance at the main marquee, a stunning number of people at a festival which 44k people visit on average annually. Alestorm also suffered from the affliction of having a short set, but put on a fun enough show to distract from it. Being Christopher's birthday (Alestorm's vocalist), a guy behind me passed him a bottle of a rum which he gladly accepted. I left my front-row spot at the end of 'Rum', since the amount of crowdsurfers reached a peak that wouldn't be topped or matched until Children of Bodom's set Sunday evening.

Midget Saw
Nancy the Tavern Wench


Death Throes of the Terrorsquid
The Sunk'n Norwegian

Captain Morgan's Revenge

Following the end of Alestorm's set, I left to wander the festival site. I did some shopping at the marketplace, got my friend a birthday card signed by Mike Portnoy and Russell Allen, and then proceeded to make my way back to the marquee for Death Angel. Despite missing half of their set, I loved what I did see from them; like Sacred Reich, Death Angel showed a youthful energy that I fail to see in many bands their age today. To be specific, I came in at the beginning of The Ultra-Violence. Also like Sacred Reich, Death Angel played a Sabbath cover; this too got the whole audience screaming along each word.

Evil Priest
Voracious Souls
Kill as One
The Ultra-Violence
Mistress of Pain
Final Death
Heaven and Hell [Black Sabbath]

Next were Swiss folk metal masters Eluveitie. Having only heard Helvetios a few times since its release, I wasn't much of a fan; I did rock out to 'Rose for Epona' and 'Havoc', however. I'll do my best to become better acquainted with this band in the near future; though a monitor of theirs almost fucked up their whole performance for me, I liked what I did manage to hear.

Meet the Enemy
A Rose for Epona
Inis Mona
The Uprising
Kingdom Come Undone

I quickly left the marquee to catch Brutal Truth. There weren't many people there, unfortunately; Danny Lilker commented on it, thanking whoever did decided to watch them instead of Trivium. Their set kicked ass, and I headbanged during every second of it, but any standard they set for the rest of the extreme metal bands performing at Graspop completely disappeared with the next band on: Nasum.

Birth of Ignorance
Stench of Profit
Get a Therapist…Spare the World
Simple Math
End Time
Small Talk
Evolution Through Revolution
Walking Corpse
Collateral Damage
Denial of Existence
Choice of a New Generation
I Killed My Family

The best performance of the weekend, Nasum blew my mind. Niinimaa did more justice to Mieszko's legacy and work than anyone else possibly could, performing renditions of Nasum's work with an absurd beauty. I'm absolutely thrilled that Graspop decided to book Nasum for this year's edition of the festival, and that Nasum agreed, because they went 110%. I don't say more because it's difficult to describe faithfully the intensity and scope of the experience that Nasum is; I pity the fool who didn't see them while they had the chance. I caught Nasum's setlist after they finished, so I'm fairly certain this is accurate.

Mass Hypnosis
This Is...
The Masked Face
Multinational Murderers Network
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
The Smallest Man
The Professional League
A Welcome Breeze of Stinking Air
I See Lies
Time to Act!
I Hate People
The Black Swarm
Circle of Defeat
Closer to the End

And so came for me the last two bands of the day, Norway's Leprous and Emperor vocalist Ihsahn. Both did excellent jobs, with Leprous impressing all Ihsahn fans under the impression that Leprous' role in the evening was as a backing band to Ihsahn, and Ihsahn giving his songs new life in a live environment. Leprous played a short set before Ihsahn joined them onstage, which I greatly enjoyed since I loved Bilateral. I caught both bands' setlists, so this is accurate.

Waste of Air
Forced Entry

Called by the Fire
Frozen Lakes on Mars
The Barren Lands
A Grave Inversed
The Grave
9/24 Beirut
10/18 Opeth
10/19 The Tallest Man on Earth
11/5 Titus Andronicus
11/22 The Vaccines

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