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I was reading through the thread for this show on the Iron Maiden forum and somebody posted that they ran into Rod Smallwood at a bar after the show and talked to him about the setlist.

Here are some of the things Rod said:

1. Infinite Dreams was rehearsed and originally in the setlist but for reasons he didn't say, the band decided to go with ATSS instead

2. Hallowed Be Thy Name will not be back this tour. The band just decided to drop it for once.

3. Caught Somewhere In Time will never be played again because the band thought it sounded like shit live.

I'm not sure if this means Infinite Dreams won't be brought in at some point but if it isn't a "for sure" song on this tour then the likelyhood of them playing it again is not very good. Maybe if ATSS doesn't go over too well after a few shows they'll put Infinite Dreams in it's place.
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