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Agnostic Front -- Reading, PA -- June 24th, 2012

The band played it's album "Live At CBGB" from 1989 in it's entirety, plus a couple more recent tunes. Great show, although it was only about 45 minutes long. Could have been longer. But it seemed that the crowd, and myself, was satisfied and exhausted. On second thought, maybe 45 minutes is plenty for a hardcore band. Not sure if we could have handled much more. They were selling the album on vinyl in many different colors, including red, white and blue. Also had special shirts and screen printed posters for the 7 date tour.

Live At CBGB
1. Victim In Pain
2. Public Assistance
3. United Blood
4. Friend Or Foe
5. Strength
6. Blind Justice
7. Last Warning
8. Toxic Shock
9. United And Strong
10. Crucified
11. Liberty And Justice
12. Discriminate Me
13. Your Mistake
14. Anthem
15. With Time
16. Genesis
17. The Pain Song
18. Fascist Attitudes
19. The Eliminator

20. For My Family
21. Gotta Go
Mark Knopfler - 10/17
Spirit Caravan - 10/18
King Diamond - 11/25
C.O.C. + Brant Bjork - 11/29
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