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Pelican -- Pomona, CA -- June 23rd, 2012

This is going to be a bit of a short review because I wasn't able to stay for the entire show. I only went to see Martyrdöd and then left to get ready for the Death to All tour, which was also happening on this day.

I got to the venue a bit before the doors opened and met Chris in line. There was hardly anybody there. As we walked in we were given a promotional double 7" record from Southern Lord. It was really nice and the jacket was on thick cardstock. We also grabbed some free stuff from Scion. They had the usual shirts and socks, plus some recent EPs on CD and vinyl. It was really hot, even in the venue, so we stood under the air conditioner and watched Enabler. I had never really listened to them but they were great live. Despite there being so few people in the venue they still gave their all for the set. I'm not sure what they played though.

Once they finished we headed over to Aladdin Jr. to relax, since we didn't care to see the next band. After hanging out for a while we went back inside to see Martyrdöd, the band I came for. They were recently signed by Southern Lord and put out an awesome new album. It was cool to have the chance to see them, because despite having four albums now, they are still a relatively unknown outside of Europe. The people that were there seemed to know them and there was even a small pit going for most of the set. Their set focused mainly on their new album, Paranoia, but they played a couple songs from their second album as well. At some point during the first song the volume was turned up way too loud, but they still sounded great. They only got to play for a half hour, but they squeezed every second they could out of it. There was very little time between songs and no interaction with the crowd other than a brief thank you or song introduction. Now that they're on a bigger label that can promote them better I'm hoping they are able to tour here more often, because they were awesome live.
  1. Nog Är Nog
  2. Överkom Er Rädsla
  3. Klassfienden
  4. Hör Varningen!
  5. Antagonisten
  6. Ett Hjärta Av Eld
  7. Paranoia
  8. Köttberg

After Martyrdöd I left, but I did find the Pelican set, which somebody posted on
  1. Lathe Biosas
  2. Ephemeral
  3. The Creeper
  4. Dead Between the Walls
  5. Strung Up From the Sky
  6. Parasite Colony
  7. An Inch Above Sand
  8. Mammoth
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