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Death to All Tour -- Hollywood, CA -- June 23rd, 2012

As a younger fan, I never expected to have the chance to see Death songs live. When this tour was announced I was elated. It was like a dream. There was no way I would pass on this opportunity. I must say that anybody who is missing this tour because Chuck isn't there is making a horrible decision. These former members and other musicians are not claiming that this is a reunion. They are paying tribute to a man that had a major impact on metal, and they put an immense amount of time and effort to get this all together.

By the time I got to the venue the line was incredibly long. The show was sold out and people were walking up and down the line asking if anybody had extra tickets. One of the scalpers was selling tickets for $80 a piece and I saw multiple people buy them off him. Eventually the line started to move. By that time it had reached to the end of the block. From where I was it took forty minutes to get inside from when they started letting people in. Thankfully the show didn't start until hour after the doors opened, so I didn't miss anything, which I have actually had happen to me at the House of Blues numerous times in the past.

Gorguts was really the icing on the cake for this show. The last time they had played here was in 2001 on tour for From Wisdom to Hate. They came on stage not long after I got inside and people were chanting their name as the intro played. Their sound was immense and Luc's vocals were remarkable. I was in awe watching the crazy guitar work. Their style is something that I don't think has ever been replicated, even to this day. The setlist was great, including most of their best material. I wish they could have played longer, but it was awesome to even be able to see them in the first place. The pit really erupted for "Stiff and Cold", one of their heaviest songs. They closed the set with the title track from The Erosion of Sanity, which again had people going insane. The band seemed really pleased to have such an enthusiastic response from the crowd, and there was even a chant for one more song as they walked off stage.
  1. From Wisdom to Hate
  2. The Carnal State
  3. Orphans of Sickness
  4. Nostalgia
  5. Stiff and Cold
  6. Inverted
  7. Obscura
  8. The Erosion of Sanity

Despite how amazing Gorguts was, they could not top what was about to come next. The wait was short, and in no time the intro started playing with the lights on the Death logo backdrop. They came out to chanting and then they started playing the intro to "Zombie Ritual". Everybody cheered and immediately the floor turned into pandemonium. For me it was unbelievable that I was actually seeing this live. Then they played my all time favorite Death song, "Leprosy". At that point it was really just euphoria to me. When Charles Elliot did the opening scream to the song it was just incredible. His vocals are definitely lower than Chuck's, but he tried to stay at a mid-level range with some higher screams thrown in. He also alternated solos with Paul Masvidal, who was doing an exceptional job as well. However, what I was really blown away by was Sean Reinert's persistence. The guy ruptured his achilles tendon a few weeks ago and was still destroying his kit like it had never happened. He was actually wearing a boot cast. I was surprised he was even able to play, let alone do five songs in a row with that sort of injury.

After pulling out a couple of great deep cuts, "Torn to Pieces" and "Left to Die", Gene Hoglan took to the stage for "Suicide Machine". His kit sounded perfect, with the double bass thundering throughout the room. He was really into it, as were all the other guys on stage. After one of the songs Charles Elliot took a moment to tell the crowd that he saw Death in 1998 at the Whisky and that it changed his life. I can only imagine how he felt to be able to play those songs on stage.

They continued with a couple more classics from Human and then Danny Walker came out to play drums on another unexpected song, "Secret Face". After that Gene returned to the kit and Matt Harvey came out. Although it sucks that Steffen from Obscura couldn't make it, I was more excited knowing that Matt would be taking his place. Not only am I a big Exhumed fan, but Matt's vocals were much more fitting for the later Death material. Like Charles Elliot did, Matt played a lot of the solos, and he did so with ease. He seemed to really enjoy playing the songs and had a great presence on stage.

Something that I noticed as the show went on was that it seemed that the entire crowd knew every song. That's something I have never seen before, and it was incredible. At this point in the show I had taken a break from being in the pit and found a spot closer to the front. I wanted to be able to watch the awesome guitar work up close, as well as Gene behind the kit. They continued onward through the discography with a fair helping from each of the last three albums. "Bite the Pain" and "Flesh and the Power it Holds" really stood out to me. They pulled off the songs so perfectly, and the bass and guitar solo section in "Flesh and the Power it Holds" was simply stunning.

After the main set the acoustic guitar was set up on stage and everybody knew what that meant. Shannon, Bobby, and Scott then came out to play the beautiful instrumental, "Voice of the Soul". Then Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation came out to the stage to play another favorite of mine, "Living Monstrosity". After that all the musicians, with the exception of Danny Walker, came out for the final song, "Pull the Plug". Three vocalists, three guitarists, two bassists, and two drummers were all on stage playing at once. It was insane. At one point Matt and Travis were together screaming into one mic, and then Charles came over to join them. It was the most intense part of the set, with lots of crowdsurfers and a large pit going on. It was an excellent way to end the show.

This show was easily one of the best I have ever witnessed, and I was very pleased with the song selection. Of course there were a couple other songs that I would have liked to hear, but it was very balanced throughout the discography and I even got to hear my favorite song, which I wasn't expecting! They really exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I would like to thank everybody who was involved in this. It was so cool to see the former members returning to the stage to perform these songs, as well as other musicians carrying on the legacy. It was the perfect way to commemorate Chuck Schuldiner and his music.

At the bottom I have a list of the main lineups for the set. Any exceptions to the lineups are noted in parenthesis. Hopefully it is not too confusing. I didn't want to type out the entire lineup for every song, because then it would just be too clustered. I tried to keep notes of everything as the show was going on, but there is the possibility that I missed something or messed up.
  1. Zombie Ritual (Start of lineup 1)
  2. Leprosy
  3. Within the Mind
  4. Torn to Pieces
  5. Left to Die (Scott on bass)
  6. Suicide Machine (Start of lineup 2)
  7. Lack of Comprehension
  8. Flattening of Emotions
  9. Secret Face (Danny Walker on drums)
  10. The Philosopher (Start of lineup 3)
  11. Trapped In a Corner
  12. Overactive Imagination (Matt off guitar, Bobby on guitar)
  13. Bite the Pain (Scott on bass)
  14. Zero Tolerance (Start of lineup 4)
  15. 1,000 Eyes
  16. Crystal Mountain
  17. Flesh and the Power it Holds (Matt off guitar, Shannon on guitar)
  18. Symbolic
  19. A Moment of Clarity (Shannon on guitar)
  20. Voice of the Soul (Shannon, Bobby, Scott on acoustic guitar)
  21. Living Monstrosity (Travis Ryan, Bobby, Charles, Steve, Gene)
  22. Pull the Plug (with everybody, except Danny Walker)

Lineup 1:

Guitar / Vocals - Charles Elliott
Guitar - Paul Masvidal
Bass - Steve DiGiorgio
Drums - Sean Reinert

Lineup 2:

Guitar / Vocals - Charles Elliott
Guitar - Paul Masvidal
Bass - Steve DiGiorgio
Drums - Gene Hoglan

Lineup 3:

Guitar / Vocals - Matt Harvey
Guitar - Shannon Hamm
Bass - Steve DiGiorgio
Drums - Gene Hoglan

Lineup 4:

Guitar / Vocals - Matt Harvey
Guitar - Bobby Koelble
Bass - Scott Clendenin
Drums - Gene Hoglan
Ride the wings of death.

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