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Metallica -- Atlantic City, NJ -- June 24th, 2012

Main Set
1. Hit the Lights
2. Master of Puppets
3. Fuel
4. For Whom the Bell Tolls
5. The Shortest Straw
6. The Struggle Within
7. My Friend of Misery
8. The God That Failed
9. Of Wolf & Man
10. Nothing Else Matters
11. Through the Never
12. Don't Tread On Me
13. Wherever I May Roam
14. The Unforgiven
15. Holier Than Thou
16. Sad But True
17. Enter Sandman
18. Blackened
19. One
20. Seek & Destroy

I didn't watch the live steam this time, but I don't think I missed much outside of Straw, which is always awesome; I wonder if Lars survived, considering how wiped he looked at the end of last night
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