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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
what do you expect from him at this point. He's completely sloppy and clearly isn't in shape at all. he hasnt taken his craft seriously for years. any song that's even remotely fast, and he looks like he's about to lose the whole thing and pass out. he's become a joke of a drummer and it's just sad. The parts he changes or skips are done just so he can stay on beat.

also, stop fucking standing up when you play the drums! he does it so often during the show that it kinda loses the effect.

And how funny are James' wardrobe changes? real rock n roll dude.
Playing the same over & over is easy, and you obviously haven't seen them live these days, Lars was on fire @ Werchter. He's been standing up for years, I'm guessing he did that in the days when you found them to be "troo to reel methul, hair, drumz & tuningz" as well.

And who gives a rat's arse about James his "appearance"? Do you have a crush on him or what?
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