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Warped Tour -- San Francisco, CA -- June 23rd, 2012

I only have one partial setlist, so this is mainly a (minimal) gig report

Due to my ride needing Starbucks and wanting one with a drive thru, we got on the free way at about 10 and didn't get to the parking of the venue until like 12 then finally got into the venue at a quarter to 1. Kinda bummed me out because I missed Railroad To Alaska and Polar Bear Club.

First band I caught was Funeral Party. They were pretty good. Didn't get much of a crowd reaction, but they were solid. The guitarist and singer had a good amount of energy, but other than that they weren't too entertaining to watch, but they sounded really good.

Next was Evey Time I Die, the band I knew the best and was lookin most forward to. They opened with Underwater Bimbos and the place erupted. Crowd surfers left and right and a constant push from the crowd. The band were energetic as could be and gave it their all. Their set consisted of *the hits. If it has a music video, they probably played it.

Every Time I Die(partial)
Bored Stiff
I Suck (Blood)

After some waiting, it was time for Streetlight Manifesto. They were a skanking good time! The band were full of energy and the crowd was tons of fun. The singer's stage banter was just mocking the usual stage banter and he was funny. Fun time!

Next was Anti-Flag. Try we're really fun and energetic. The crowd reaction was immense; they had people in the back singing every word and jumping up and down. They were fun and hearing some songs my friend always listened to during his punk days was cool.

Next was the best performance of the day, Hyro Da Hero. These cats were phenomenal. Everybody in the band had so much energy. You could tell they were having the time d their life, regardless of smallish crowd. They were almost like Dillinger in the way they moved around the stage like madmen. Hyro was an awesome front man, getting the crowd into it and just being over all super awesome. During their final song, Hyro got off the stage and into the middle of the crowd. Once the song started the crowd went apeshit and moshed hard. He went all around the outer stage area while rapping the song and was just getting into it. The crowd was absorbing his energy and spitting right back at him. That final song alone was probably one of the most intense, and intimate performances I've experienced. It's a shame the crowd wasn't bigger because that was a performance to remember. I'd love to see these guys again.

After that, I watched Transit for a song. It was the one with the music video of just them performing to a small crowd. They were pretty good and had a good crowd that were super into it. Once the song had finished, I went over to Pierce the Veil to see if I could meet up with my cousin. Unfortunately, by the time I got there they were half way done with their set and their crowd was fucking massive. So many scenie weenies. The band sounded alright but I only knew one song they played.*

After that both my ride and I ran out of bands we cared to see so we just took off early to beat traffic. First Warped was a fun time.*

Something I thought was worth mentioning; I saw hella many Iron Maiden shirts. Thought it was kind of odd, but awesome.

Funeral Party: 7.5/10
Every Time I Die: 8.5/10
Streetlight Manifesto: 8.5/10
Hyro da Hero: 9/10
Pierce the Veil: 7/10
1/14 High on Fire
1/24 Ash Borer
2/4 BlackStorm Fest ft. Uada, Horrid, +more
2/8 Necrot
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