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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I feel that WWE kinda died when Kurt Angle got big. He was great, but I feel made things a bit bland at times :\

Any chance anyone watched Impact last night? I hate that brand a lot, but had nothing else to do and turned it on. The ending was horrific, if you thought WWF's Katie Vick storyline was horrendous.... wow... this was just pathetic.
I agree that the stroyline on Impact with AJ Styles and Dixie Carter is fucking awful. The strange thing is Impact has actually been a really good show over the last several months. They utilize their roster better than the WWE does and they actually put emphasis on the championships and make them seem credible and worth something. Robert Roode's world title run has been done very well and Austin Aries X division title run has been excellent. Wrestling always runs a stupid storyline or two but overall TNA I think has been really good lately. If you actually watch a few full episodes and give them a chance you'll see what i'm talking about. They've got rid of the cancer that was Vince Russo as head writer and even though the AJ Styles story is terrible, they are doing a lot of other things very well. Most of their rivalries are booked well now and are making sense, which is way better than the ADD booking Vince Russo used to do.

Some interesting info here, the last Raw that took place under the WWF name was here in Buffalo and I attended it. I also went to a lot of shows when I was a kid back in the 80s and saw all the guys from back then live. Hogan, Randy Savage, Jake The Snake Roberts, Andre The Giant, Big John Studd, Ultimate Warrior, Ric Rude, Ric Flair, The Hart Foundation, The British Bulldogs, Demolition, LOD, the list goes on and on. The show where the Honkey Tonk Man beat Ricky Steamboat for the IC title also happened here in Buffalo and I was in attendance to see the start of the longest IC title run in the company's history.
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